‘Media Has Ignored It For A Year’: Meghan McCain Slams Media For Giving Cuomo A Pass While Blasting Cruz


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain laid into media Friday for failing to apply the same scrutiny to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as they did to Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

McCain said on ABC’s “The View” that she didn’t blame people for taking shots at Cruz over his “tone deaf” trip to Cancun while millions in his home state were without power and battling freezing temperatures. (RELATED: ‘Jaw-Dropping’: Comedian Mocks Massive Media Coverage Gap Between Cruz And Cuomo)


Cohost Sara Haines criticized Cruz for leaving town when he could have been asking what he could do to help instead. “I think beyond the optics, what kind of grabs me is typically, like, a human response in crisis is, what can I do? During this pandemic, so many of us have asked, when we can’t be around other people for our safety, how do we take care of people that are in senior citizen homes, people that don’t have as much, how do we give?” she said.

McCain responded by saying that while she understood the desire to “dunk on Ted Cruz,” she still had a problem with the disproportionate media coverage.

“Obviously it’s incredibly tone deaf, and it’s — everything everyone said, it’s despicable. I think if you have one role as a leader or as an elected official, it’s to be with your constituents during a time of crisis,” McCain said, pivoting then to give examples of prominent Democrats who had also engaged in hypocritical behavior.

McCain mentioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who got her hair cut in salon that had been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic — and Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose entire state was shut down when he held a private party at a fancy restaurant.

Noting how much time different outlets had spent covering Cruz’s trip, McCain concluded, “I wish we had had a modicum of what was dedicated to the Ted Cruz scandal, dedicated to the scandal with Governor Cuomo where 15,000, you know, elderly people were, you know, tragically died in nursing homes and the media has ignored it for a year.”