These Patriot Masks Are 100% American-Made And On Sale For A Limited Time

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These days, it’s not uncommon to learn of a friend or family member being unemployed, having to close down a business, or resorting to dipping into their savings to make ends meet. That’s because the U.S. is seeing some of the highest unemployment rates in modern history, hitting 6.3% in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in February.

With the U.S. economy in such bad shape, creating jobs is of utmost importance, and slowly but surely, strides are being made. And when it comes to things like PPE materials, which are continually in high-demand, American manufacturers are helping to dish out jobs and get people off of unemployment and working again. And with companies like SureWay Health, more and more Americans are getting jobs making products people need now more than ever.

Why the Patriot Mask?

Capable of shielding you from things like dust, smoke, and unpleasant odors, the Patriot Mask ensures you breathe nothing but clean air, whether you work in a dangerous setting or simply need it for everyday activities. The mask is armed with five layers of fabric, ensuring low breathing resistance and long-lasting wearability for up to eight hours.

And while it’s comfortable for everyday wear, the mask is also strong enough to withstand more rigorous activity as well. In addition to serving as a go-to mask when in the midst of smoke, the Patriot Mask is also ideal for those working in construction, waste removal, home improvement industries, and more. 

Made with Americans’ comfort in mind

This American-made, carefully-crafted model is designed for long-term wear. That’s why it boasts an array of comfort-friendly features, including an adjustable, cushioned nosepiece, a choice of either small or regular-sizes, and ultra-elastic nylon headbands that ensure the mask stays put during your daily activities. And their leak-free cup-shaped design ensures you always breathe easily without feeling squashed in or restricted at all.

And unlike cheaply-made, imported models out there, the Patriot Mask features a durable, reusable quality that never compromises on breathability or comfort. And since all the pieces of the masks are 100% made and assembled in the U.S., from their elastic straps to bendable nose pieces, mask-wearers can be sure they’re using safe, non-harmful materials, always. 

A brand you can trust

Featured in New Atlas, New York Post, PCWorld, and beyond, more and more Americans are turning to the Patriot Mask for a comfortable solution that can keep their families breathing easy. And with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, fast and easy shipping, and affordable prices, it’s no wonder they’re becoming a standard in high-quality masks.

Right now, you can save anywhere from 48% to 60% off on the must-have Patriot Masks, depending on which bundle you choose. 

Prices subject to change.


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