Fox & Friends Hammers Chris Cuomo’s Choice Not To Cover Brother’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” called out CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Tuesday for announcing that he would not be covering the sexual harassment allegations against his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

During the show’s opening segment, hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade discussed Cuomo’s Monday night announcement concerning his brother, and pointed out that he covered him previously on other issues with no concern. (RELATED: ‘He Knows He’s In Real Trouble’: New York Times Reporter Describes Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Apology As ‘Breathtaking’)

“Remember when the pandemic started … the big story was Chris Cuomo and his nighttime show having so much fun with his brother as he got [inaudible] by the way he’s handled it and as they ripped President Trump,” Kilmeade began. “Now everybody wondered, ‘What about Chris Cuomo now that his brother is in so much trouble? Why is he not covering it?’ Here he mentions it.”

Kilmeade then played the video clip of Chris Cuomo on Monday night’s broadcast of “Cuomo Prime Time,” in which he stated he was “aware” of what’s going on with his brother and that he could “not cover it because he is my brother.” He added that CNN would continue to cover it and that he cares “very deeply” about these issues.

“So, there he is looking right into the camera, like we are right now, saying look, obviously, it’s about my brother. I can’t cover it,” Doocy said. “Apparently they do not have a VCR at CNN because for the longest time he covered his brother. Remember this stuff?”

Doocy then showed multiple video clips over the past year of the Cuomo brothers joking during “Cuomo Prime Time” while discussing other issues.

“Are you confused? Because Chris Cuomo said last night, obviously, I can’t cover my brother, but he covered his brother for the longest time,” Doocy said, before reading tweets from various other media personalities calling Chris Cuomo out for the decision.

“Janice Dean and others who lost their loved ones were really upset when they watched that type of video, or when they watched those reports,” Earhardt chimed in, “because they felt like they were laughing and joking around with something that was really serious and painful in their households and in their families. So, I understand why Chris feels like he can’t cover it. It would be a conflict of interest. But you know what I was thinking, how could he cover it?”

Doocy then questioned why Chris Cuomo covering his brother wasn’t a conflict of interest before the allegations.

“Well this is dealing with allegations and the nursing home allegations. He should have a reporter on his show that covers it. He could have a reporter on his show that covers this, and then he just thanks the reporter and he doesn’t have to comment on it,” Earhardt concluded.

Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple former female staffers. He has denied the allegations but issued an apology on Sunday acknowledging that “levity and banter” may have been seen as “unwanted flirtation.”

Cuomo has also received heat from Republicans and Democrats over the allegations, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi describing them as “serious and credible” and both Democratic New York senators calling for an independent investigation.