‘What A Uniter’: Josh Hawley Mocks Biden For Calling Mask Repeals ‘Neanderthal Thinking’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley mocked President Joe Biden during a Thursday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“What a uniter,” Hawley said, responding to Biden’s harsh criticisms of Republican states for reopening businesses and repealing statewide mask mandates. (RELATED: ‘Neanderthal Thinking’: Biden, White House Bash State Governors For Ending Mask Mandates)


Host Brian Kilmeade put the question to Hawley, pointing to Biden’s comments about the “Neanderthal thinking” behind repealing mask mandates and allowing businesses to reopen at full capacity.

“Senator, is this Neanderthal thinking because I’m looking by the states — listings of the states without mask mandates. Missouri is one of them,” Kilmeade said. “Are you — do you have archaic thinking?”

“What a uniter Joe Biden is. You know this is Mr. Unity,” Hawley replied, adding, “And yet if you disagree with him you’re a Neanderthal. This guy has also called people who disagree with him Nazis it is unbelievable. In Missouri we are called by D.C. crowd ‘flyover country,’ so we’ve gotten this treatment for years, but truth is there’s nothing wrong with actually following the science allowing people to make their own decisions.”

Hawley went on to criticize Biden for attacking states that responded to the pandemic by allowing for more local control, saying that if he wanted to do more for the American people he could better focus the COVID-19 relief package on better distribution of the available vaccines.

“Instead he is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on stuff like abortion providers and environmental justice. That shows you where his priorities are,” Hawley said.