View Host Says Piers Morgan’s ‘Obsession’ With Meghan Markle Is Because She Rejected Him


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Sunny Hostin claimed Tuesday that ITV host Piers Morgan was obsessed with Meghan Markle because she once rejected him.

Morgan had once told a story about going out to a pub with Markle only to have her never call again after she met Prince Harry.

Morgan, a frequent critic of Markle, walked off his morning show Tuesday after hearing responses to his statements doubting Markle’s accounts from the day before. (RELATED: ‘Utterly Ghoulish’: Meghan McCain And Sunny Hostin Join Forces, Lash Out At Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Homes)


The View played the segment with a clip from “Good Morning Britain,” showing Morgan storming off the set after being accused of “diabolical behavior.”

“Sunny, why do you think Piers is so fired up?” Whoopi Goldberg asked.

Hostin began by noting that Morgan walked off the set as soon as the conversation became uncomfortable to him, comparing him to Markle and Prince Harry as they had struggled to walk away from what they claim was a toxic life with the royal family.

“The reason I believe that Piers is up in a bunch, he explained it himself,” Hostin said, introducing an older clip of Morgan talking about the time he went with Markle for drinks.

“Two hours in the pub, she had a couple of dirty martinis. We got on brilliantly,” Morgan said. “I put her in a cab, a cab that took her to a party where she met Prince Harry and then the next night they had a solo dinner together and that was the last time I ever heard from Meghan Markle. I have never heard from her again.”

“I supposed that his obsession with her is based on his own fragility, isn’t it?” Hostin concluded.