‘It’s All Pretty Amusing’: Tucker Carlson Fires Back At New York Times Over Taylor Lorenz Dust Up

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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson fired back at The New York Times on Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the media outlet criticized him for his Tuesday reference to reporter Taylor Lorenz.

Carlson criticized Lorenz for a tweet in which she claimed online harassment caused deep “trauma” and “destroyed” her life. “You’d think Taylor Lorenz would be grateful for the remarkable good luck that she’s had, but no she’s not,” he said in the Tuesday segment.

Reacting Wednesday to Carlson’s criticism of Lorentz, The New York Times released a statement calling the Fox News host’s comments a “calculated and cruel tactic.”

After bringing viewers up to date on the controversy, Carlson said a physical mob attacking Lorenz would be condemned “immediately, no matter what political position they claim to represent.”

“There is a lot of real harassment out there, this is not it,” he said.


“It’s all pretty amusing when you think about it,” Carlson said after reading the Times’ statement. “Reading a tweet on television, that’s fine when it was written by say, Donald Trump. It’s called reporting, but when that tweet was written by a New York Times reporter, reading it out loud is a ‘calculated and cruel tactic.'”

Carlson went on to describe when The New York Times “tried to send a reporter to my house just to make absolutely certain that everyone knows where my kids live” and he called and “told them to back off.” (RELATED: ‘Calculated And Cruel’: NYT Responds To Tucker Carlson ‘Attacking’ Taylor Lorenz)

“To be clear, we would never even consider running a series on where New York Times editors live,” he said, describing the way he was portrayed by the outlet during the controversy as “pure insanity.”

“No public figure or journalist should be immune from legitimate criticism of their reporting, claims or journalistic tactics,” a statement from Fox News said.