Five Police Officers Charged With Manslaughter In Fatal Shooting Of 15-Year-Old

Screenshot/YouTube/KOCO 5 News

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Five officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department were charged Wednesday with first-degree manslaughter after the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Stavian Rodriguez.

Police shot Rodriguez on Nov. 23 while responding to an armed robbery call at a convenience store, according to Fox News.

One officer shot Rodriguez with a “less-lethal” round before Rodriguez allegedly had one hand in his pocket and another near his waist. Five other officers then fired lethal rounds at Rodriguez, Fox News reported. (RELATED: Police Gun Down Deaf Man As Neighbors Shout ‘He Can’t Hear You’)

Rodriguez reportedly suffered 13 gunshot wounds as a result of the shooting.

Officers Bethany Sears, Jared Barton, Corey Adams, John Skuta and Brad Pemberton, if convicted, could reportedly face up to life in prison.

“Officers must make life and death decisions in a split second, relying on their training. When an armed robbery suspect did not obey police commands, five officers perceived the same threat and simultaneously fired their weapons,” President of the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police John George said, according to Fox News.

The charges come the same week as the trial begins for Derek Chauvin, the officer charged with killing George Floyd May 25, 2020.