‘Is It Really Republican Racists Doing This?’: Tucker, Ying Ma Take On ‘Lie’ That Attacks On Asians Are Trump-Inspired

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson and author Ying Ma discussed the “lie” that “Republican racists” are behind a recent rash of violence against Asian-Americans.

Reports of hate crimes against Asian-Americans have risen significantly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a problem Carlson said President Joe Biden linked to “white supremacy” in a Thursday speech segment he played on Friday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“So again, Joe Biden is tying these crimes, which are real, to the right,” Carlson said. “He is saying anyone who talks about where the virus came from, talks it may have escaped from a lab, is abetting violence against Asian-Americans, that’s why they are being attacked. But it’s a lie. The attackers don’t look like Trump voters, necessarily.”


After playing footage of some of the attacks, Carlson accused Biden and Democrats of making them “into political ammunition.”

“Is it really Republican racists doing this, as Joe Biden suggested last night and so many other Democrats have told us?” he asked before bringing on his guest, the author of “Chinese Girl In The Ghetto.”

While Ying Ma acknowledged that some whites doubtless harbor “hostility or resentment” against Asians because of the virus, she also said that “time and time again” the recent “attackers are not white.”

“Like you said, they don’t quite look like white supremacists,” she told Carlson. “They don’t look like white voters or Trump voters. In fact, many of these attacks have occurred in heavily Democratic cities where they did not vote for Trump in 2020 or 2016.” (RELATED: Reason Editor Explains How Hate Crime Statistics Are Misrepresented, Gives Shocking Guess On How Many Are Actually Real)

“And so what the Democrats or the far left have done, actually quite effectively, in the past year or so, is to libel former President Trump for something that the Democrats themselves actually are very much guilty of, and what is that? That is their silence and their cowardice before black on Asian attacks that often occur in America’s urban areas,” she continued.