Meghan McCain: Trump Admin ‘Lacked Humanity’ At The Border — But Biden Admin ‘Lacks Logic And Understanding’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain voiced concern Thursday over the ongoing situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

McCain discussed the issue with her cohosts on ABC’s “The View,” saying that while she believed former President Donald Trump’s border policies had “lacked humanity,” President Joe Biden appeared to be attacking the problem in a way that lacked “logic and understanding.” (RELATED: ‘It Wasn’t Just Donald Trump’s Policies’: Jonathan Karl Ties Border Crisis To Obama Administration)


McCain began by saying that the political nature of the border crisis sometimes meant that the humanity got lost, adding, “These are people that are trying to seek a better life and I have compassion and we need to remember that we are a Judeo-Christian nation and these are God’s children. We’re all a nation of immigrants. I first and foremost want to say it’s a humanity crisis and we should treat it as such with that kind of compassion.”

Going on to note that she was not in favor of open borders, she criticized the Biden administration for not allowing journalists to document everything that was going on, even the less flattering things, as they worked to effect change at the border.

“This has been a problem in my entire lifetime, for I think everyone on this show’s entire lifetime. This is — comprehensive immigration reform in America should have been and continues to be the number one priority,” McCain added. “The attitude in which the Trump administration faced this issue lacked humanity. I believe the attitude that this administration is approaching this lacks the logic and understanding that the big baseline meat and potatoes issue for a lot of Americans is the fact that they want people to come here legally.”

Arguing that most Americans were in favor of legal immigration, McCain concluded by arguing that there needed to be a better process in place for those who crossed the border seeking asylum.

“If they’re coming seeking asylum we need a better process than leaving children in jail-like facility. Which, my interpretation is it’s no different than kids in cages, aside from the fact they’re not being separated,” she said.