Save Big On These High-Rated Language Learning Apps During This Semi-Annual Sale!

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Whether you’re preparing for an epic Euro-trip or are simply trying to add some extra meat to your résumé, learning a new language can be tough. But with the slew of helpful language learning apps out there, speaking in a new tongue isn’t as far-fetched as you once thought.

Check out these 9 top-rated language learning apps that are all discounted during the Semi-Annual Sale when you use the coupon code DOWNLOADIT at check-out!

Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 – $10.49

Thanks to this app’s unique teaching style, you’ll learn to speak Spanish with the help of music! With access to over 200 minutes of continuous audio, you’ll explore different common phrases, basic vocabulary, and more, all while subconsciously storing away info through your favorite melodies. You’ll be able to hold your own in a conversation in no time.

Get the Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 for $10.49 (reg. $40) with code DOWNLOADIT.

uTalk Language Education: Lifetime Subscription (140+ Languages) – $69.99

Designed to have you speaking a new language in record time, this app will have you memorizing key phrases and crucial vocabulary right off the bat. With over 140 different languages to choose from, this award-winning program lets you truly explore the magic of language, letting you go through everything at your own pace. And it even works offline so you can practice on-the-go.

Get a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education (140+ Languages) for $69.99 (reg. $699) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $69.99

Thanks to state-of-the-art speech recognition and AR technology, you’ll receive personalized feedback as you learn any of the app’s 33 languages, helping you to learn at your own pace. Through easy lessons and fun games, you’ll learn crucial vocab, key phrases, and will even practice proper pronunciation with native speakers.

Get a lifetime subscription to Mondly (All Languages) for $69.99 (reg. $2,199) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $209.30

Find out why over 10 million users worldwide have relied on Babbel for their language learning! Whether you’re attempting to speak German, Spanish, Japanese, and more, you’ll have access to more than 10,000 hours of quality content, including bite-sized lessons, speech recognition technology, and personalized review sessions to help you stay on top of your progress.

Get a lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning (All Languages) for $209.30 (reg. $499) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Language Zen–Spanish Language Learning Program: Lifetime Subscription – $55.30

Capable of teaching you to speak Spanish twice as effectively as other popular language-learning apps, this “personal tutor” can adapt to your personal learning style, as it recognizes your strengths and weaknesses. In fact, this app is so effective at teaching you to speak Spanish, it can pack an entire semester of college-level Spanish in just 25 hours!

Get a lifetime subscription to Language Zen–Spanish Language Learning Program for $55.30 (reg. $500) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Beelinguapp Language Learning App: Lifetime Subscription – $27.99

Using the magic of audiobooks, this app strengthens reading comprehension skills as you learn a new language and proves to be quite entertaining. With its unique program, you’ll read through two sets of text, one in your native language and the other in the language you aspire to learn, exposing you to something called “karaoke reading.” And since new audiobooks, essays, novels, and more are added every week, you’ll never get bored.

Get a lifetime subscription to Beelinguapp Language Learning App for $27.99 (reg. $100) with code DOWNLOADIT.

LingvaNex Translator: Lifetime Subscription (Desktop and Mobile Bundle) – $55.99 

Named “#1 Product of the Week” on Product Hunt, this helpful app lets you translate text, images, voice, and even websites and documents with the tap of a finger. Compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and more, this translator gives you access to an in-app dictionary and infinite translating capabilities in over 112 languages!

Get a lifetime subscription to LingvaNex Translator (Desktop and Mobile Bundle) for $55.99 (reg. $399) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Speakly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $48.99

Toting a 4.8/5-star rating on App Store, this game-changing app uses science and computational algorithms to help you learn any of its 8 available languages, fast. That’s because it introduces you to relevant words and phrases, teaching you exactly what you need to know to hold a conversation. Plus, you can synchronize all your devices and access the app from just about anywhere.

Get a lifetime subscription to Speakly (All Languages) for $48.99 (reg. $399) with code DOWNLOADIT.

Rosetta Stone: 1-Yr Subscription (Unlimited Languages) – $69.99

This critically-acclaimed app has become somewhat of a golden standard in language learning thanks to its unique and effective learning tools, accessibility, and incredible technological advances that personalize your learning experience. From live tutoring to learning to fine-tune your pronunciation through the TruACCENT® speech engine, learning any of this app’s 24 languages is easier than ever.

Get a 1-year subscription to Rosetta Stone (Unlimited Languages) for $69.99 (reg. $179) with code DOWNLOADIT.

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