EXCLUSIVE: RNC Launches Campaign Against MLB Decision To Move All-Star Game Out Of Georgia

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a campaign Friday against Major League Baseball (MLB) for pulling the All-Star game out of Georgia due to the state’s new election law.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of a one-page advertisement that will run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), a photo of a billboard that will go up near the stadium in Atlanta slamming President Joe Biden and MLB, and plans on how the RNC will hammer the issue across the state.

Credit: RNC

“Joe Biden’s lies have real consequences, and Georgia’s Black-owned small businesses are paying the price for his reckless misinformation campaign. The RNC is using every tool to counter Democrats’ woke mob mentality and debunk their false narrative around commonsense election integrity protections in Georgia and across the country,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the Daily Caller.

The RNC told the Caller that they plan on booking surrogates on Georgia radio stations and TV networks to continue to press the issue from the ground.

The ad that will run in the AJC is titled “MLB caves to Joe Biden and the woke mob – a devastating blow to Georgia’s economy and workers.” The ad is an open letter to MLB leadership, explaining why the RNC believes it was a poor decision to move the game out of the state.

The RNC’s billboard will be displayed close to the Battery, where the All-Star game was slated to take place, and features a photo of Biden.

“Sports should be unifying, joyful, and a welcome distraction from everyday life. We need sports right now, maybe more than ever. What we don’t need is yet another American institution kowtowing to the radical left and their vicious bullying tactics. Americans won’t forget your weakness under pressure – least of all the fans who keep your organization alive,” part of the ad reads.


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The MLB announced Tuesday that they would be moving the All-star game to Denver, Colorado, and have since been facing sharp criticism from the GOP. (RELATED: ‘Special Kind Of Stupid’ — Sen. John Kennedy Rips MLB Commissioner For Pulling All-Star Game Out Of GA ‘After His Morning Beer’)

Two of the largest companies based in Atlanta, Delta and Coca-Cola, along with a range of other corporations have criticized Georgia’s new voter integrity law.