New Jersey Makes Gender ‘X’ An Option On Driver’s Licenses


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Driver’s in New Jersey will now have the option of choosing “X” for their gender, the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) announced Monday.

The state will now offer the existing “M” and “F” options along with “X,” which is an unspecified gender, according to the MVC.

“Diversity and inclusion are core values for New Jersey, and for all of us at the MVC. We know this new option will be deeply impactful for many residents, as access to resources and the ability to live and work freely so often hinges on having documentation that correctly reflects your identity,” MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said in a statement.

The state originally planned to end the “X” option for late 2020 but the changes were delayed due to the coronavirus, according to the MVC. New Jersey driver’s can change their license identification by filling out a form, surrendering their current licenses or ID and paying an $11.00 fee to receive a replacement, according to MVC. (RELATED: CNN Straight News Piece Says ‘There Is No Consensus Criteria For Assigning Sex At Birth’)

“We’re thrilled that New Jersey has joined 19 other states and Washington, DC in offering X gender markers on driver’s licenses and state IDs,” Executive Director of Garden State Equality said in a statement. “This option will allow New Jerseyans, particularly nonbinary and intersex people, to enjoy a right many of us take for granted – having ID that accurately reflects who we are.”

Oregon became the first state back in 2017 to legally recognize non-binary and intersex individuals on driver’s licenses or state ID cards. The state allowed residents to choose between the standard male/female option as well as option “X.”