A Handful Of Liberal Outlets Said No To Outdoor Masks. They Were Accused Of Trying To Get People Killed

Menahem Kahana/AFP via Getty Images

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Three liberal outlets broke ranks with the consensus that people should wear a mask all the time – even while they are alone – over the weekend, and a mob accused all three of trying to get people killed.

Liberal outlet Slate broke ranks first, declaring in a Sunday article that people should stop wearing masks while they are outside because the outdoors is “very, very safe.” The New Republic followed suit, then a staff writer at The Atlantic agreed.

Despite the evidence that the articles cited, the resulting response was predictable: A digital mob descended on them, going so far as to accuse the three outlets of trying to get people killed.

When Slate posted a tweet linking to their article, they were quickly hit by a flood of angry comments. (RELATED: University Of California, Berkeley Bans Solitary Outdoor Exercise As Part Of New COVID-19 Restrictions)

“Deaths are increasing again due to the spread of variants partly BECAUSE so many people refused to wear masks all along but this op-ed is definitely smart and a good idea,” one user wrote. Another user said that the article was “irresponsible and not helping,” and one comment simply read, “this is unhelpful.”

“We don’t wear them to only protect ourselves, we wear them to help protect others,” someone responded. “What is wrong with you?” (RELATED: It’s Been Three Weeks, Where Are The COVID-19 Surges?)

“I am astonished with what ease you’re spreading misinformation that will kill people. 566K is not enough?” another person asked. “Shameful!”

One Twitter user said that they reported the article to the social media site for “COVID misinformation.” Slate was also asked why they wanted “old people to die.”

Although many people in the more than 200 comments and more than 150 quote tweet replies agreed with the article, the angry replies seemed endless.

Natalie Shure, the columnist at The New Republic who argued for the end of outdoor mask mandates, was faced with a similar response after posting her article on Twitter.

“Your ‘hot take’ adds nothing good,” someone responded. Another Twitter user said to “just wear the damn mask.” Just like Slate, there were hundreds of angry replies.

Social media users also attacked Derek Thompson, a staff writer at The Atlantic, when he argued against outdoor mask mandates.