‘There’s No Liberal Bias’: Joy Behar Claims News Outlets Are ‘Basically Balanced’ Except For Fox And MSNBC

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar claimed Wednesday that most news outlets — with the exceptions of Fox News and MSNBC — are “basically balanced.”

Behar joined a discussion on ABC’s “The View” about recent corrections on Fox News — on reports of Vice President Kamala Harris’ book being distributed at the U.S.-Mexico border and that President Joe Biden planned to limit red meat consumption — and argued that because there were both liberals and conservatives on all of the major outlets, they were effectively balanced. (RELATED: ‘Prohibited By Every Agency’: Fraternal Order Of Police Is Not Impressed By Joy Behar’s ‘Warning Shot’ Suggestion)


“We’ve been talking about Fox and correcting untrue reports,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg began. “What’s your thought? How effective is it for folks to push these false narratives only to come back and have to correct it?”

“It’s kind of like a big nothing burger. I also think that a lot of times these things, these lies catch up to you. Look what happened to Trump. All his lying, he lost the presidency,” Behar replied, arguing that Trump had cost Republicans the Senate and the House as well.

Behar went on to compare Trump to former Republican President Richard Nixon, saying that his lies had cost him the presidency as well.

“The other thing I want to just point out is, the reason we didn’t discuss Hunter Biden on the show even though the New York Post pushed the story it was actually never vetted and verified more likely, by various news outlets,” Behar continued.

“Besides MSNBC there’s no liberal bias. There’s basically balance on most stations. ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, all of them have conservatives and liberals,” Behar concluded. “I think it’s incorrect to say that there is a completely liberal bias and, therefore — Fox and MSNBC are the only ones who are really on both ends of the spectrum in my opinion.”