Heritage Foundation Becomes Latest Conservative Organization To Reject Big Tech Money

Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

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The Heritage Foundation, a think tank based in Washington D.C., became the latest conservative organization to reject big tech money Tuesday.

The organization’s president Kay C. James announced that she was joining more than 30 other groups in a pledge to oppose big tech censorship and reject money from the companies they deemed responsibly. Groups that signed the pledge promised to refuse contributions from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and other big tech companies. (RELATED: Texas AG Launches Investigation Into Big Tech’s ‘Biased Policies’ After Trump’s Twitter Ban)

“The Heritage Foundation will not in good conscience accept money from companies that repeatedly and blatantly attempt to silence conservative speech they don’t agree with,” James said in a press release. “Every time a new case of censorship comes to light, these companies trot out excuses and promises to do better. Enough is enough. I stand united with other conservative leaders against Big Tech’s censorship of conservative voices.”

Heritage also turned down contributions from Google and Facebook in 2020, saying that they were reviewing politicians’ initiatives to reign in the companies and did not want to give the impression that a donation influenced their conclusions.

Among the conservative groups that signed the pledge are the President and Founder of the Media Research Center, President of the Family Research Council, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, President of ACT for America, and President of the Center for Family and Human Rights. (RELATED: Biden Has Ties To 5 Major Tech Companies)

“Big Tech’s power over our public dialogue is a threat to our American democracy,” said a letter asking the leaders of conservative organizations to sign the pledge. “This must stop. This problem will not get better until conservatives draw a line in the sand and reject the toxic influence of Big Tech cash. Big Tech money is political toxic waste.”