‘I Wouldn’t Trade That Moment…For Anything’: High School Students Surprise Teacher With Pair Of Air Jordans

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A high school class at a northern Kentucky high school pooled money together and gifted their teacher a pair of Air Jordans to show their appreciation.

“Seeing a teacher that honestly and genuinely cares about their students and works to relate to them and act as a friend is rare, especially with all the added stress this year with COVID,” Griffin Morris, a student in Mr. Holbrook’s class, told Fox32 in an article published Wednesday. “We all had come to love him as a teacher and decided to show him that we felt that way. The decision to do something was unanimous.”

Griffin happened to ask Kyle Holbrook, an A.P. US History teacher at Conner High School, about his favorite pair of Air Jordans. (RELATED: Deployed High School Coach Surprises Students With Homecoming)

“He started to go on and on about different styles and that’s when we realized how much he loved Jordans. He mentioned he never really could get a pair when he was younger because as everyone knows, Jordans are expensive shoes,” Morris told the outlet.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamed of owning Jordans but unfortunately never had the money for them,” Holbrook told the outlet.

The students in the class put roughly $400 together and purchased a pair of Air Jordans for Holbrook. The kids gifted the teacher the shoes on the day of their A.P. exam, according to Fox.


“My first reaction was disbelief as I have never received a gift of this magnitude from students,” Holbrook reportedly recalled. “As a person, it shows how the youth can think above themselves and act in a selfless manner. As a teacher, it was a huge positive end to a tough year.”