7 Consecutive Earthquakes Hit West Coast Of US

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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A series of earthquakes struck the West Coast Friday, with some felt by residents of Reno and Carson City area, Nevada. The strongest one had a 4.2 magnitude and occurred beneath Lake Tahoe.

The earthquake of 4.2 magnitude, the largest out of 7 recorded Friday, hit close to the north end of the lake at Dollar Point, California, at around 8:30 local time. No reports of damage were made as of Friday, according to The New York Times (NYT)

Within the first hour following the 4.2 earthquake the U.S. Geological Survey received more than 1,400 reports. The earthquake at Dollar Point reportedly followed an earlier one of 2.9 magnitude that happened at approximately 5 a.m. local time, The NYT reported.

An earthquake with 4.2 magnitude is strong enough to be felt but only causes minor damage, according to the earthquake magnitude scale by Michigan Technological University. (RELATED: 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Near Kansas Border)

Weaker earthquakes occurred later in the day with preliminary magnitudes estimated to be in the range from 2.7 to 3.1, according to The NYT.

Nevada State Senate finance committee meeting on expansion of Medicaid coverage — which was being live-streamed Friday morning — was interrupted by the strongest quake.

“And we are in the midst of an earthquake,” State Senator Chris Brooks, who was chairing the meeting, said as the plexiglass in front of him started shaking.

“All right, earthquake over,” Brooks said after a few minutes.

“You really make an entrance,” he said jokingly to assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow who was about to take the floor.

A Friday hearing of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means was also interrupted by the natural occurrence.

“So, that was fun — that’s a pretty good one,” Ratti commented when the earthquake was over. “Important business happening today, so we’re just going to keep going.”