Facebook, Twitter Sue Over Florida Bill Banning ‘Deplatforming’

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Two industry associations representing Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google are suing the state of Florida for a new bill that bans “deplatforming,” according to Business Insider.

NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed the lawsuit due to a bill that Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis signed last week, according to Business Insider.

The bill bans social media platforms from “willfully deplatforming” candidates for political office. It also allows Florida to fine a platform $250,000 per day if it does censor someone. Florida citizens can also sue a company for up to $100,000 if it breaks the law. (RELATED: Facebook Says ‘Unprecedented’ Antitrust Lawsuit ‘Attempts To Rewrite History’)

The lawsuit claimed that the law is a “smorgasbord of constitutional violations” and that it violates the First Amendment, equal protection clause, and due process.

“Because Sections 2 and 4 restrict speech based on its content and based on its speaker, they are subject to strict scrutiny and are presumptively unconstitutional. Further, the law authorizes the State to engage in highly intrusive investigations of content moderation processes and judgments, separately burdening speech,” reads the lawsuit.

It also argued that the bill limits content-moderation choices that companies must make to protect their users.

In addition, the suit pointed to a loophole in the bill that exempts companies that own theme parks in Florida, such as Disney, claiming it was discrimination.