85% Of Democrats Believe CRT Is ‘Good For America,’ Poll Finds

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Greg Price Contributor
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A poll released Wednesday found that Democrats have a significantly more positive view of critical race theory (CRT) than both Republicans and Independents.

The poll found 86% of registered Democrats have a “favorable” or “somewhat favorable” opinion of CRT in comparison to only 6% of Republicans and 20% of Independents. The Economist/YouGov polled 1,500 U.S. adults from June 13-15 on a variety of issues with a 3% margin of error.

CRT teaches that America is fundamentally racist and to view every social interaction, institution, and person in terms of race. (‘Define Critical Race Theory’: Far-Left Activists Quickly Shift Goalposts As Parents Nationwide Rebel)

The poll also found 91% of Republicans and 76% of Independents said they had an “unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” opinion of CRT. In comparison, only 9% of Democrats said the same.

The poll also found stark differences on partisan lines regarding whether CRT is “good for America.” Most Democrats (85%) said CRT is “good for America,” as opposed to 88% of Republicans and 72% of Independents who said it was “bad for America.”

Of the respondents, 21% of Democrats, 32% of Republicans and 30% of Independents said they have heard about CRT “a lot.” Across party lines, 30-35% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents said they heard “nothing at all” about CRT.

When asked “Do you have a good idea of what Critical Race Theory is?” 47% of Democrats, 63% of Republicans, and 55% of Independents answered in the affirmative. Across party lines, 22-24% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents answered that they did not have a good idea of what CRT is.

In recent months, several Republican states have increased their efforts to ban the teaching of CRT in schools. Parents have also flocked to school board meetings demanding the practice be kept away from their children.