Seth Rogen’s Ceramic Vase Sells For $10,000 At Art Auction

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Jimmy Kimmel Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOYBlOBhQWE)

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Actor Seth Rogen’s ceramic vase up for auction sold for $10,000, according to TMZ.

Rogen had donated the ceramic vase to the Vancouver Art Gallery for auction, the outlet reported Wednesday. The vase was part of the 2021 art auction at the gallery from May 28 until June 15, Rogen shared on Twitter.

The vase features a bumpy exterior and is painted orange with some blue areas. (RELATED: Seth Rogen’s Weed Company’s Website Shut Down Due To ‘Tremendous Amount’ Of Traffic)

Rogen picked up the ceramics hobby in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and now has three pottery wheels and two kilns in his at-home studio, according to TMZ.

Rogen has never shared plans to sell his vases and once said that he mostly swaps his vases for other art during an interview with The Cut.

“I give them away, I trade them with other ceramicists and other artists from time to time. Which is an incredible way to acquire things,” Rogen told the outlet. “I currently have no plans … Honestly I’ve been approached by galleries. But I don’t know what to say! It’s such a bizarre thing for me to wrap my head around right now: how to incorporate commerce into this at this moment. Which is why I’m much more comfortable if people just reach out to me and are like ‘Hey, this is great!’ and I’ll send them one. Or if an artist or ceramicist comments on one of my things, I’ll say, ‘Wanna swap me a drawing?'”

$10,000 is a lot of money for a ceramic vase, but I guess if it was made by Rogen it could be worth that much. The money is going to charity, which makes this better in some way, although I’m not exactly sure how.

You just sound less stupid than if you had paid Rogen $10,000 directly for a vase, I guess.