OJ Simpson Fights $60 Million In Civil Court Judgements He Allegedly Owes

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Recent court orders in Nevada allege that O.J. Simpson owes $60 million in judgements stemming from the 1994 murder case of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, according to Fox News. OJ was found not guilty in the case but was slapped with some civil lawsuits.

Simpson‘s lawyer, Attorney Malcolm LaVergne, announced the civil court judgments Friday. The attorney said he will request that the Nevada Supreme Court overturns an order to pay Simpson’s father and another to pay a Connecticut man who holds rights to collect the false death claim of Goldman’s mother, Fox News reported.

“I will be appealing both of those,” LaVergne said Friday, according to Fox News. He added that “there will be more motions at the trial level.”

For over twenty years, Ron Goldman’s parents have been fighting to collect $33.5 million that Simpson was allegedly ordered to pay by a civil jury in 1997. Nevada court records show that Goldman’s claim is now up to $58 million, according to Fox News.

Simpson’s 2019 lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was settled in late March. Simpson claimed he was defamed by a hotel-casino employee who told a celebrity news site he was banned from the casino for being disruptive and drunk, according to Fox News.

LaVergne refused to say whether money was awarded in the settlement, Fox News reported. (RELATED: It’s The 27-Year Anniversary Of O.J. Simpson’s Famous Police Chase In The White Ford Bronco)

“They can’t prove there are any settlement proceeds,” said LaVergne Friday, according to Fox News. The lawyer promised to litigate “to the very end.”

Attorneys for The Cosmopolitan claim the resort “did not give any money or property to Mr. Simpson pursuant to the settlement,” Fox News reported.

The Cosmopolitan also argued that Simpson’s reputation was already ruined by his criminal trials and conviction, and therefore he couldn’t be defamed, according to Fox News.