‘This Is Happening Every Day’: Julio Rosas’ Border Report Interrupted By Coyote With Migrants In Inflatable Raft

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas’ coverage of the border crisis near Roma, Texas, was interrupted by a coyote bringing migrants across the Rio Grande in an inflatable raft.

Rosas noted Tuesday night that there was virtually no law enforcement presence in that area and nothing to stop coyotes from making multiple trips and ferrying migrants across the river into the United States. (RELATED: ‘Lamest Form Of Damage Control’: Fox Business Guest Says Kamala Harris Is Going To The Border So GOP Will Stop Saying She Didn’t Go)


Rosas explained that there were so many migrants flooding the border that some sectors — such as the area where he was — were left all but unattended. That made it easy for coyotes to make trip after trip, delivering dozens of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border in a matter of hours with no interference from government authorities.

“The fact is that the crisis is continuing down here. You know, it is very unfortunate that the vice president only went to El Paso, which, granted, has seen it’s fair share of the crisis but the Rio Grande Valley is really the epicenter for everything because it is a lot easier to cross into the United States,” Rosas told Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson.

“Last night, we actually came upon that scene while they were midway through the people they were ferrying across. The Border Patrol was farther up inland, already inundated with the people who have crossed before we got to Roma,” Rosas continued. “They continued to cross over for another hour and a half. When they were done with their shift, we asked them, hey, the same time tomorrow? And the coyote said yes. So this is happening every day.”

Rosas went on to note that the impact was not just on the people who lived near the border where immigrants were crossing into the United States, mentioning the flow of drugs like fentanyl that would make their way to cities nationwide.

“The only good thing with Harris’ trip was to bring back attention to the border because it did kind of go out of the news cycle,” Rosas concluded. “But this is happening every single day.”