Watch As Officer Narrowly Misses Being Shot In The Head By Suspect

[Youtube:Screenshot:ABC Action News]

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A Florida police officer narrowly avoided being shot in the head by a suspect during an officer-involved shooting on June 26.

St. Petersburg Police officers Ronald McKenzie and Pavel Kuznetsov were attempting to arrest Austin Kingos, 23, around 3:31 p.m. Saturday for a misdemeanor charge of violation of injunction for stalking.

McKenzie and Kuznetsov found Kingos in a van and tried to make contact with him. Body cam footage shows one officer talking to Kingos before attempting to take him into police custody. A struggle soon ensued, however, and Kingos could be seen whipping out a semi-automatic handgun before firing at officers.

The footage also shows Kuznetsov narrowly dodging a shot straight to the head as he runs and ducks for cover. (RELATED: Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Man Shoots Police Officer In Head)


One of the officers could be heard shouting “drop it” as McKenzie fires several rounds in the direction of Kingos. (RELATED: GRAPHIC: Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Being Fatally Shot At Point-Blank Range)

Kingos is then seen on video jumping out of the passenger side door and fleeing on foot before officers catch up to Kingos, who was laying on a crosswalk.

After Kingos was taken into custody, officials discovered he sustained a gunshot wound in the left leg. Kingos was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Kingos is now charged with violation of injunction for protection and two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.