REPORT: Woman Bites Police Officer Multiple Times After Resisting Arrest At Nashville Grocery Store

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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A Tennessee woman who was suspected of having shoplifted from a grocery store reportedly bit a police officer several times while resisting arrest at a Nashville grocery store Monday afternoon.

The police officer, who had been working security at the Kroger grocery store located in North Nashville, was notified that the woman had reportedly tucked away items into her purse and proceeded to pepper-spray the woman after she resisted arrest, WKRN reported.

After being placed into handcuffs, the woman reportedly bit the officer several times, leaving cuts on the officer’s hand, according to an arrest warrant, WKRN reported. (RELATED: Two Supermarkets Permanently Close In California, Citing Local Order To Increase Employee Pay)

Following the incident, the woman was transported to General Hospital after citing eye and chest pains, and she was later booked into a local jail on charges relating to assaulting an officer, theft and resisting arrest.

The unidentified woman’s bond was set at $5,000, according to WKRN.

In January, a 19-year-old Georgia teenager, Tre Brown, was arrested after reportedly stealing almost $1 million from the Kroger grocery store that he worked at, over the course of a two-week period.

A New York police officer was reportedly placed on administrative leave after an incident on July 4 where he ended up punching a woman in the face after she tried biting him while she was placed under arrest at a Walmart in East Syracuse, Fox10 News reported.