‘The Girl Who Keeps Sending You Mixed Signals’: Jesse Watters Blasts White House For Confusing COVID Messaging

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters argued Thursday that the White House was putting out mixed messages on the coronavirus pandemic.

Watters said President Joe Biden was like the “the girl who keeps sending mixed signals” and couldn’t seem to nail down a stance on face masks, the Delta variant or whether or not there might be more lockdowns coming. (RELATED: ‘I’ll Change The Channel’: Jesse Watters Says Gwen Berry Took A Beautiful Team Moment And ‘Made It All About Herself’)


Co-host Katie Pavlich began the segment by pointing out the reason she believed so many people were frustrated: after months of being told that getting vaccinated would mean a return to normal, officials were responding to the Delta variant with warnings that more lockdowns could be on the horizon.

“They’re setting themselves up for another credibility problem with the efficacy of the vaccine by saying maybe vaccinated people need to wear a mask again,” Pavlich said.

“Biden’s like the girl who keeps sending you mixed signals. You know, one day she’s flirting, next day she won’t give you the time of day,” Watters replied. “It’s like where do we stand? I just want to know where we stand. And the country does not know where Joe Biden stands on vaccines, on masks and on delta.”

Watters went on to say that he believed people were scared primarily because they did not know what to expect next.

“Right now there is no spike in cases. It is not a spike. We were at record low in cases and then there was a small rise in cases, and they’re calling it this huge spike. It’s not,” Watters continued. “Deaths are at an all-time low. Repeat. All-time low. And masks are not going to flatten the curve. They never did. It was the vaccines that did it.”

Watters argued that asking vaccinated people to wear masks served no real purpose other than to undermine confidence in the efficacy of the vaccines.

“If Biden wants to destroy the recovery and ruin my summer and everybody else’s summer, he will bring back the mandates,” Watters concluded. “It’s just going to make everybody angry and you can’t do that while at the same time letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour in who haven’t been vaccinated and shipping them to swing states. You cannot have both.”