‘Stranger Things’ Producer Says Season 4 Is ‘Coming Soon Enough,’ And Is ‘Much More Ambitious’ Than Previous Seasons

Stranger Things (Credit: Netflix)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like “Stranger Things” season four will be the biggest one fans have ever seen from the show.

Right now, millions of fans around the globe are waiting on pins and needles for any news about when the new season will come out on Netflix. So far, we don’t have much at all, but producer Shawn Levy wants people to know it’s on the way. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)


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“It’s coming soon enough. And as for when exactly that will be announced — quite soon,” Levy said during an interview with Variety.

Levy also told Variety, “It’s visually and narratively very ambitious, much more ambitious than the prior three seasons … The delay is due in large measure to COVID and the pace at which we have to work to do so safely, but it also happens to be the season that we chose to go much bigger. It’s the scale of this season and the multi-settings of season four.”

I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say that we’re all ready and waiting for new episodes to drop. While it’s good to hear that they’re “coming soon enough” and they’re really “ambitious,” we want an actual date to circle on the calendar!

Season three came out more than two years ago. Assuming we get to season four in February 2022, we’ll have gone more than two and half years without a single second of new “Stranger Things” content.

We’re craving new episodes!


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Hopefully, we get to season four even sooner than February 2022, but I think that’s the most optimistic date to circle on your calendar. Make sure to keep checking back for the latest updates as we have them. You know I’ll keep you all up to date!