Check out these 11 HD camera drones on sale for up to 60% off

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From memorable occasions to everyday walks along the beach, taking pictures at new and exciting angles never gets old. And if you’re in the market for a new drone, today’s technology boasts some incredible models, sure to take your photography game up a few pegs.

Check out these 11 impressive drones that have even better price tags.

Micro Drone 3.0 – Combo Pack – $129.97

Deemed “one of Indigogo’s finest,” this customizable drone will show you what it really feels like to fly. Great for beginners and pros, this drone never disappoints, with 720p instant video onboard and a self-stabilizing CPU, providing you with live drone footage in 3D with a VR headset.

Get the MIcro Drone 3.0 – Combo Pack for $129.97 (reg. $215).

SHIFT RED: HI-LITE Package – $184.95

This portable, compact quadcopter boasts sensor fusion technology and 8 different auto-pilot modes that help you get incredible shots with minimal effort. Requiring just one hand a thumb, this drone is easily controllable and features virtual gimbal software that prevents blurring when pivoting or tilting.

Get the SHIFT RED: HI-LITE Package for $184.95 (reg. $199) with code SHIFTRED15.

Global Drone 4K Platinum Version – $109.95

Armed with a 4K HD camera, an altitude hold mode function, and 360° roll and flip technology, this drone is definitely one you can have fun with. It’s also lightweight and incredibly durable, great for taking with you on trips to capture incredible views.

Get the Global Drone 4K Platinum Version for $109.95 (reg. $119).

DIY Building Block STEM Drone – $49.99

If you have kids at home that could use a fun new hobby, this drone is a great way to introduce them to aerial technology, letting them see the world from a whole new angle. They’ll love the fun tricks it can do thanks to its 360° stunt flips and the opportunity to build something with their own hands.

Get the DIY Building Block STEM Drone for $49.99 (reg. $129).

M9 Mini Foldable Drone – $74.95

This dynamic drone has it all, from a high-quality 1080P Ultra HD camera to a built-in waypoint flight mode that automatically flies the quadcopter on its programmed path. It also features a 6-axis gyro and an altitude hold mode that lets it remain stable and still in the air to get that flawless shot.

Get the M9 Mini Foldable Drone for $74.95 (reg. $182).

Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera – $79.99

Capable of syncing with your smartphone, this drone lets you view what it sees in real-time without missing a single thing. It comes with stabilizing features that help it stay still in the air and a headless mode that negates the need to adjust things before sending it off. Plus, it’s always easy to get the drone back home — one click is all it takes.

Get the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera for $79.99 (reg. $149).

Copernicus Mini Drone – $74.95

From its different filters and beauty functions to its 4K HD camera and air pressure fixed altitude hover, this drone can deliver jaw-dropping photographs with incredible ease. You can also control its levels of shakiness and more from its accompanying app on your phone, and its compact build makes it easy to take with you just about anywhere.

Get the Copernicus Mini Drone for $74.95 (reg. $215).

Ninja Dragon Dual 4K Wide Angle 3D Flip Quadcopter – $99

Backed by 2 wide-angle cameras that show four times the detail as 1080 pixels, this quadcopter can capture stunning shots, never missing a thing. Use its palm control to determine how the device moves up and down and gesture control to take pics or record video by using nothing more than your hands.

Get the Ninja Dragon Dual 4K Wide Angle 3D Flip Quadcopter for $99 (reg. $169).

Ninja Dragon J10X Wi-Fi RC Quadcopter Drone with 1080p Wide-Angle HD Camera – $99

Whether it’s viewing photos in real-time or exploring all its six channels, using this drone is easy with its accompanying Wi-Fi app. It also boasts three speed levels, a one-click return feature, and a 6-axis gyroscope for ultimate stability control.

Get the Ninja Dragon J10X Wi-Fi RC Quadcopter Drone with 1080p Wide-Angle HD Camera for $99 (reg. $199).

Stealth Dragon Pro Headless FPV Drone with 4K HD Dual-Camera – $119.99

This dual-camera quadcopter has it all, from real-time viewing through its accompanying app to its 4K HD camera that manages to catch every shadow and highlight. And thanks to its altitude hold and headless modes, you never have to stress about keeping things stable. It even features an optical flow positioning system for incredibly clear photo and video capturing.

Get the Stealth Dragon Pro Headless FPV Drone with 4K HD Dual-Camera for $119.99 (reg. $199).

AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Flying Camera – $138.95

As seen in the Sunday Times, Wired, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and more, this pocket-sized gadget can bring a whole new level of fun to your photography experience. Capture HD photos, clear videos with excellent resolution, and store footage on its onboard memory. It even lets you post pics on social media immediately, allowing you to share these stunning photos and videos with the world!

Get the AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Flying Camera for $138.95 (reg. $159).

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