911 Audio Released After 21-Year-Old Mom Shot In The Head By Toddler Son During Zoom Call

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Audio of a 911 call was released after a mother was shot by her toddler son, Fox News reported.

Altamonte Springs Police Department released a recording of a 911 call that had taken place Wednesday after the death of Shamaya Lynn who was shot in the head by her toddler son, according to Fox News. (RELATED: Mom Fatally Shot By Toddler On Zoom Call, Police Say)

The police said the incident took place in Lynn’s apartment in Altamonte Springs where one of her two toddlers found an unsecured, loaded handgun which at that point he fired it and shot Lynn in the head, ABC News reported.

One of Lynn’s colleagues who was present in the zoom meeting then called 911 saying, “She just fell back and her nose was bleeding … I don’t know if something hit, she hit the desk, I don’t know. All I heard — we heard a loud kaboom, and she then leaned back and we just saw blood from her face.”

The dispatcher had also received a call from a man who identified himself as Lynn’s boyfriend saying, “I literally just got home. And I come in the room and my girlfriend, she was working on the computer, she’s just laid back. There’s blood everywhere!” He went on to say that someone needed to get here fast and help her, Fox News reported.

Paramedics arrived on the scene but Lynn was declared dead. No charges had been filed against anyone and the investigation was ongoing, police stated, Fox News reported.

MPO Robert Ruiz Jr. along with Altamonte Springs Police have urged gun owners to take the needed precautions to keep guns in safes or have gun locks, to keep guns separate from ammunition, and to keep guns out of reach of children to further prevent similar incidents from happening, according to the outlet.