‘Blood’s On Your Hands’: Man Allegedly Behind DC Bomb Threat Livestreams Manifesto

Screenshot - Daily Caller

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Floyd Ray Roseberry, the man allegedly behind Thursday’s bomb threat in Washington, D.C., live streamed a manifesto while sitting in his truck.

The 31-minute stream, which was obtained by the Daily Caller after it was removed by Facebook, showed 49-year-old Roseberry sitting in his black pickup truck parked near the Library of Congress. He repeatedly demanded to speak to President Joe Biden, but claimed he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Roseberry also said there were four more bombs around D.C., including one that he said was at Biden’s “back door.”

Roseberry showed off his bomb, which he said would only go off if the police shot at his truck. He said that he had no way to set the bomb off, and repeatedly said that the blame would be on Biden if the bomb did go off. The bomb would blow up two and a half blocks of D.C., he claimed. (RELATED: Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Bomb Threat)

“The revolution’s on,” he said. “It’s here, it’s today … I’m looking for all my other patriots to come out and help me.”

The video also showed several large bags of coins in the truck. Roseberry mentioned the coin shortage, the chaos in Afghanistan, and claimed that they had “cut off health care.” He also repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to be “home by Sunday” to see his wife.

“They got the roads blocked,” he said. “They know I’m here. They got the snipers over there on the building.”

“I’m gonna tell you what, though, if you crack these windows, it ain’t on me,” he added. “The blood’s on your hands.”

Roseberry also said that he had been “chosen” to do the “dirty work” of coming to D.C. to make the bomb threat.

Capitol police began evacuating the area around the Library of Congress after reports of an active bomb threat.

A video posted later that afternoon by NBC News reporter Haley Talbot appeared to show the suspect surrendering.

Capitol Police confirmed that Roseberry had surrendered and was taken into custody.