An Obsession With ‘Self Criticism’ Of The United States Drove Biden’s Disastrous Afghan Exit, Analyst Says

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Vivek Ramaswamy, an author and political commentator, joined Fox News on Friday morning arguing that “woke” culture in the United States has contributed to the present crisis in Afghanistan.

Ramaswamy argued that the only way to prevent the chaos that unfolded in Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s announcement that American troops would withdraw was “if the Taliban perceived a credible threat of total annihilation.”

“If they reneged on prior agreements then I do not think they would have gone to the extent of actually taking over Kabul,” he said.They might have worked around the edges and the tribal areas, they would not have gone for Kabul.” (RELATED: Biden Dismisses Comment About Taliban Being Back In Power On 9/11 Anniversary, Says Not The Same Because Bin Laden Is Dead)

The Taliban knew Biden would never follow through on threats to annihilate the terrorist group because of the president’s obsession with “self-criticism,” the author argued.

“Here is the problem. They knew president Biden could never make good on that threat because he himself does not speak with a moral standing that allows him to use extraordinary force right when we need it most,” Ramaswamy said.He is obsessed with self-criticism of the United States.”

He referenced his book, “Woke, Inc.,” in which he writes about “the geopolitical implications of wokeism.”

“One of them is when we’re weak at home, that begets weakness abroad,” he continued. “And when we are weak abroad, that prevents us from displaying strength when we need it most.”

Ramaswamy clarified that exiting Afghanistan was the right call, but it was the execution of the withdrawal that was the problem. Biden’s “perceived weakness on the global stage is a big problem,” he said, and that perceived weakness comes from “woke” culture perpetuated by the president and corporate America.