‘He Took A Question From Peter Doocy’: Marine Veteran Says Joe Biden Only Did One ‘Courageous Or Honest Thing’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Retired Marine Corps bomb tech Joey Jones said Thursday that President Joe Biden only did one “courageous or honest” thing in the aftermath of a terror attack in Kabul.

Jones joined “Fox News Primetime” host Jesse Watters to discuss the terror attack — claimed by ISIS-K — that left 13 servicemembers dead, and he argued that taking a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy was the bravest thing Biden had done. (RELATED: Biden Puts His Head Down After Peter Doocy Reminds Him Trump Is No Longer President)


Host Jesse Watters mentioned Biden’s promise to “hunt down” those responsible for the terror attack that killed 12 Marines and one Navy corpsman. Watters asked Jones, “You heard the president saying he would hunt these guys down. I don’t know. Were you buying that?”

“The only courageous or honest thing that Joe Biden did today was he took a question from Peter Doocy — or all week long,” Jones cracked, prompting a laugh from Watters. “It’d be easy to sit up here and go after him, and I want to, trust me I do, because it got real today.”

Jones went on to address the 13 service members who had been killed in the attack, saying, “I know what it’s like to be on the battlefield bleeding out, without the help of your friends, you’re going to die.”

“The least you can do is know why you’re dying. Know why you’re being put in that situation. That’s the least you can do for these men and women, I’m disgusted.”

“It’s not about partisan politics. For all I know, twelve Democrats could have done better and maybe Trump would have done worse,” Jones continued, “But you know who the president is? The President is Joe Biden, the same dude that was vice president when they sent me and 39,999 others to win the 2012 election, not the Afghan war, in 2010. This is personal for me.”

Jones concluded by saying that Marines were trained to fight wars — not to defend visible choke points like the airport in Kabul — and that when they were allowed to do what they were trained to do, there was no one better at it.

“These men never had a chance because they were doing something they were not trained and supposed to be doing because the entire situation isn’t supposed to happen,” he said. “You can’t lie to me convincingly enough that there was no other way to do it.”