‘Ludicrous’: GOP Rep. And Former Green Beret Says Biden’s Threat To ISIS-K Terrorists Amounted To ‘Empty Words’

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Republican Florida Rep. and former Green Beret Michael Waltz claimed that Biden’s threat to ISIS-K terrorists was nothing more than “empty words.”

Waltz joined CNN host Brianna Keilar on Friday’s broadcast of “New Day” to talk about Biden’s response to Thursday’s terror attack in Kabul — which killed 13 American service members — and his promise to strike those responsible for it. (RELATED: ‘He Knows What He’s Done’: Piers Morgan Accuses Biden Of ‘Shocking Moral Cowardice’ In Afghanistan)


Keilar started the segment by asking Waltz what Biden‘s promise to strike ISIS-K would look like.

“It’s ludicrous and I think it’s empty words. Lest they can conduct that strike in the next 48 hours, and if that’s the case, then I would wonder why we didn’t do it preemptively if we have that type of intelligence. But beyond there, after August 31st, everything’s gone,” Waltz responded.

“We’ve given away our main air base at Bagram Air Base, we’re pulling our intelligence assets are going to be essentially blind from a local level, which is what you need especially in a city the size of Kabul of 4 million people. Our special forces will be gone and our drones will be coming in from such a long distance that they’ll have very little time actually over the objective.”

Waltz went on to say that Biden’s response appeared to be an effort to make him seem tough and to tell the nation that there would be some kind of response. He said it would be challenging because if America did take another attack, American troops would not have bases or allies to come back to and face a “terrorist army with billions of dollars worth of stolen equipment.”

“We’re in a worse place now than we were September 10th, 2001,” he added.