‘We’re Not Really Vetting Them’: Previously Deported Convicted Rapist Reportedly Arrives Back To US On Afghan Evacuation Flight

Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP) (Photo by AAMIR QURESHI/AFP via Getty Images

Mitch Picasso Contributor
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A man who was previously convicted of rape and deported from the U.S. was able to return to the U.S. on an Afghan evacuation flight, according to a report from The Washington Times.

Ghader Heydari, 47, was convicted of rape and is currently on parole, according to the Idaho Department of Correction.

Heydari was able to make his way to an Ethiopian flight designated for evacuees but was stopped at the Dulles Airport. He is currently being held at the Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green, Virginia, according to The Washington Times.

Ted Cruz responded to the situation on Twitter, “Biden’s evacuation from Afghanistan has been chaos. He’s bringing TENS OF THOUSANDS of people into America without thorough vetting. We have a moral obligation to get Afghans who fought with us out of harm’s way. But all unvetted evacuees should be housed in safe 3rd countries.”

Ted Cruz commented on President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghan crisis just three days earlier stating, “I’m very concerned that the Biden administration is bringing tens of thousands of refugees into the United States without thoroughly vetting them,” according to Fox News.

Former Virginia Attorney General & Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli has commented on the Afghan crisis. She said, “Please watch this important interview about the vetting (or lack thereof) of Afghan refugees. Bottom line, we’re not really vetting them before bringing them here – we can’t do it this fast. It’s normally an 18-24 month process with 14 steps. Think there might be shortcuts now?”