‘Foolish Advisers Who Live In A Fantasyland’: Pete Hegseth Says A UN Resolution Won’t Impact The Taliban

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Pete Hegseth mocked officials Wednesday for touting a United Nations resolution on the Taliban.

Hegseth described them as “foolish advisers who are living in a fantasyland,” arguing that the Taliban would not respond to a strongly-worded letter from the U.N. and would likely prevent any U.S. aid from reaching the Afghan people who needed it. (RELATED: ‘Stack Taliban Bodies’: Pete Hegseth Says Direct Threats Are The Only Way To Get American ‘Hostages’ Out Of Afghanistan)


“Outnumbered” cohost Kayleigh McEnany began the segment with a clip of National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, noting that he appeared to have trouble naming the Taliban as an “enemy.”

“It’s hard to put a label on it,” Sullivan said.

McEnany went on to say that Sullivan had not ruled out the possibility of the United States offering aid to the Afghan people — through the Taliban — in the coming months.

“We won’t call them an enemy and we know that General McKenzie just about a week or so ago said in fact they are our ‘Afghan partners.’ I do not think the administration is very clear-eyed, do you?” McEnany continued.

“No, and I’m sure that the international aid he whimsically talks about will make its way right into the hands of the poor Afghans, that’s exactly where it will end up in a notoriously corrupt country with the Taliban in charge,” Hegseth responded sarcastically.

“These are the kind of ideas that come out of someone who’s never had a real job, never actually had their boots on the ground, never stared an Islamist in the face, spent all his time at Yale and Oxford and in government pontificating about bad ideas like the Iran nuclear deal,” Hegseth continued.

Hegseth went on to say that the government would try to work with the Taliban, suggesting that it would be as effective as a model U.N.

“We are going to have a strongly worded U.N. resolution signed by countries around the world, that will keep them in check,” Hegseth mocked. “It’s foolishness from foolish advisers who — live in a fantasyland about who the Islamists are. Of course they are our enemy and will consolidate their game, they just can’t say it. Maybe they know it, maybe they don’t. They are fools.”

“Absolutely,” McEnany agreed. “Jake Sullivan just not in touch with reality.”