‘It Has Never Hit Harder’: Fans Go Wild For Post-Pandemic College Football.

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Jack Kerley Contributor
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Students and fans have packed college football stadiums around the country in spite of lingering fears surrounding the delta variant of COVID-19.

The southern states, several of which are currently classified as ‘hot spots,’ plays host to the SEC — and home to some of the biggest teams with the biggest stadiums in the country. This has raised some concerns from worried citizens due to the overwhelming lack of masks among the crowds with equally as many in full support of the crowds returning to the seats.

After college football took a hiatus last year fans have been eager to get back to whatever post-COVID normal is going to be and if college football is any indicator, it doesn’t look all that dissimilar from pre-COVID — especially in the south.

College teams are reporting sold out crowds across the SEC and across the country to support their college or local team. (RELATED: STUDY: Fans Attending NFL And College Football Games Didn’t Increase The Spread Of Coronavirus)

While most conferences encourage their students and attendees to get vaccinated, masks did not appear to be high on the list of priorities. Most of those in attendance looked ecstatic to get the opportunity to hit the stands once more after the absence of college football.

While countries like Australia continue to hold sporting events in empty stadiums, college football in the United States seems as alive as ever before.

Time will tell how this decision will play out but right now college students are speaking with their actions.

“College football is giving the covid fearmongers a giant middle finger,” one fan tweeted. “God bless America.”