‘Might Actually Constitute A Hate Crime’: Candace Owens Calls Attack On Larry Elder By Woman In Gorilla Mask ‘Disgusting’

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Bryan Hernandez Contributor
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Conservative commentator Candace Owens argued Wednesday that the attack on California gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder could amount to a hate crime.

A white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg that nearly hit Elder as he and his staff toured a Los Angeles neighborhood earlier Wednesday. During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with guest host Brian Kilmeade, Owens claimed that the altercation could amount to a hate crime. (RELATED: Woman In A Gorilla Mask Misses Larry Elder’s Head With An Egg From About 18 Inches Away)


“If this was on the other side — if a white woman wearing a monkey mask threw an egg at a black democratic candidate — this would be wall-to-wall coverage,” Owens told Kilmeade. “This might actually constitute as a hate crime in Los Angeles.”

Owens argued that “we need to find out exactly who this woman is” and called for the woman in the video “to be arrested.” She went on to say that “charges need to be brought” for the woman’s “criminal and disgusting” actions.

Owens also questioned why the person was wearing the “monkey mask” and said she’d “like to see more information about that.”

Elder and his staff were taking a tour of homeless encampments on 3rd Avenue in Venice, California, when the altercation took place, according to a Los Angeles Times report. Later in the video, the same woman wearing the purple gorilla mask can be seen slapping one of Elder’s staff members.

Recent data from Real Clear Politics shows Elder leading other replacement candidates by nearly 30 points.