‘Where’s Journalism’: Larry Elder Rips Into CNN, Media Outlets For Unfair Coverage Of Recall Showdown With Gavin Newsom

Jorge Ventura Daily Caller

Jack Kerley Contributor
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California Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder appeared on “Hannity” on Friday to talk about double standards, and he argued that media hypocrisy was on display in his race.

‘The recall is this coming Tuesday. And Democrats are desperate. They are pulling out every stop to try to save Governor Gavin Newsom from a massive political upset,” Sean Hannity said before introducing Elder.

“Where is Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein?” Hannity asked, referencing their silence after Elder had been the victim of an attack earlier in the week.

Polls show that Elder is ahead by double digits among the candidates running to replace Newsom as California governor. (RELATED: ANALYSIS: Will Larry Elder Be California’s Governor? Not If Hollywood Can Help It.)

“Why hasn’t there been widespread condemnation of the recent egg attacked on Larry Elder in Los Angeles which the L.A. Sheriff now says looks like a hate crime?” Hannity asked.

“If this had been a ‘D’ at the end of my name they’d be calling it a hate crime and talk about how it is systemic racism,” Elder said, “but this is the media double standard ever since I have been running.”

“There was an allegation that Larry Elder does not like women based on some 21-year-old article where I was quoting a left-wing organization,” Elder said, “the other outlets ran with that for days and days and days.”

An accusation by an ex-fiancée also sparked a flurry of articles on the situation.

“Just yesterday, said the wife of Gavin Newsom called her on behalf of Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer. And said before that really blew up, how can we make you happy? How can the story go away? and Rose McGowan even produced emails from Gavin Newsom’s wife that they had the correspondence,” Elder said.

“CNN had the story, we know they have the story, but they have not reported on it at all,” Elder said, “Where’s the investigation? Where is the investigative journalist? Where’s journalism?”

Reports say that the recall vote could go either way and Elder is likely to be the GOP candidate.