‘The Guy That Saved America From Trump’: Jesse Watters Says Milley Probably Leaked China Calls To ‘Make Himself Look Heroic’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley could have leaked the story about himself warning China about former President Donald Trump in order to play the hero.

Watters said on Wednesday’s “The Five” that his sources in “Trump world” thought Milley had intentionally leaked the story — which was covered in the upcoming book “Peril” from journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa — because he wanted to be remembered as “the guy that saved America from Trump.” (RELATED: ‘If Biden Goes Down, The Media Goes Down’: Jesse Watters Says Midterms Could Be ‘More Of A Bloodbath’ Than Expected)


“I never say this, Dana, but I don’t know what happened,” Watters said to cohost Dana Perino. “I do know that my sources in Trump world are saying that he probably had his team leak this, Milley, to make himself look heroic, and it’s blowing up in his face.”

Watters went on to say that his sources believed Milley just wanted to be “loved by the left,” adding, “He wants to be known as the guy that saved America from Trump. Remember, he was part of this cabal with Mattis and General Kelly, they were going to protect America from Trump’s ‘baser instincts.'”

Watters noted that Milley always claimed the military was “independent,” but then he argued that was not the case.

“It is not, it is underneath civilian control. And I know he is a four-star general and I respect that, but he is also a four star leaker. I have read every single mainstream media book about 2020. This guy, Milley, comes off better than Joe Biden. It’s almost like he would write his own book like, I don’t know, ‘How I Saved the World.’ That’s the kind of savior complex that this general has.”

Watters then turned to address another story that asserted Milley had gone to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, saying that he planned to put up “roadblocks” that would prevent Trump from using force.

“Anybody that knows Trump knows he wouldn’t do that. Very reticent and precise with his use of force,” Watters concluded. “If he goes out there and testifies, he has to be honest with the American people and flat out say, I either did this or I didn’t and let the chips fall.”