‘No Clue What To Do About It’: Piers Morgan Blasts Joe Biden’s ‘Get Out But Come In’ Border Message

(Photo by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Piers Morgan laid into President Joe Biden in a Wednesday column, arguing that mixed messages from the White House were creating an untenable crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Morgan responded, as many did, to the viral image of an American Border Patrol agent on horseback attempting to drive back Haitian migrants on foot — but he argued that there was more to that image than met the eye. (RELATED: ‘He Knows What He’s Done’: Piers Morgan Accuses Biden Of ‘Shocking Moral Cowardice’ In Afghanistan)

“The sight of US border agent horsemen charging into desperate Haitian migrants shames America – but how dare President Biden pass the buck for this chaos when it’s HIS shocking ‘Get out but come in!’ mixed messaging that’s causing it?” Morgan wrote.

In the column, Morgan noted that the photograph had stirred an emotional response from many who believed it to depict a white man on horseback holding what looked to be a whip over a person of color. The agents involved pushed back, saying that they had not been using their reins to threaten Haitians but to control their horses.

“Either way, it’s a deeply distressing snapshot of a major new immigration crisis on the southern border,” Morgan wrote, going on to add that the situation was equally distressing to the clearly overwhelmed border patrol agents.

He also pointed out just how different the media coverage might have been if this particular situation had arisen while former President Donald Trump was still in office: “The liberal screaming about what a monster he is would have echoed around the globe.”

Morgan’s conclusion was that although the southern border has been an issue for multiple presidents, Biden appeared uniquely unprepared to deal with it.

“I’ve come to the unnerving conclusion that Biden has absolutely no clue what to do about it,” Morgan said, arguing that Biden appeared torn between being “more humane” than Trump had been and not appearing weak.

“Biden’s mixed messaging couldn’t be more shockingly bad,” Morgan continued. “‘Get out – but come in!’ is about as disastrous an immigration policy slogan that any country could operate – yet that’s exactly what America is currently doing.”

Morgan concluded by saying that the chaos resulting from an incoherent message would likely follow Biden much further than he’d like it to. “These images will stick to Biden just as Trump’s child separation cages stuck to him,” he said. “And the current president only has himself to blame.”