‘Despicable!’: Sunny Hostin Blames Biden For Continuing Trump’s Border Policies


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin said Wednesday that President Joe Biden needed to answer for his decision to continue the border policies put in place by former President Donald Trump.

Hostin complained on ABC’s “The View” that Biden had not taken steps to end the border policies the Trump administration had put in place under Title 42, which allowed United States Border Patrol agents to deport illegal immigrants in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. (RELATED: ‘So Clearly A Crisis’: Brianna Keilar Confronts Mayorkas Over Refusal To Say The Southern Border Is in Crisis)


Co-host Joy Behar began the segment by summing up President Biden’s appearance before the United Nations a day prior.

“You know, I have to say it was a nice change to see our President Biden not get openly laughed at by the world leaders at the U.N. like Trump did a few years ago,” Behar said, noting that some critics had been angry that Biden had not addressed issues they believed were more pressing than climate change.

“I personally don’t know what’s more pressing than the fact we’re going to have to move to Mars, you tell me what is more pressing than climate change?” Behar continued.

“Well, I think the Haitians that are being rounded up with horse reins in Texas feel that’s a pretty pressing issue right now. I’m surprised he never addressed that —” Hostin began.

“Haiti is one of the countries that will be impacted by climate change,” Behar interrupted.

“Families being whipped by horse reins simply trying to get food for their children and their families and being deported —” Hostin continued, prompting Behar to ask, “Who ordered that?”

“The Trump administration started the policy under the Title 42, the Biden administration continued the policy, which I think is despicable,” Hostin said, adding that outrage didn’t do anything to actually solve the issue.

Co-host Ana Navarro pointed out that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has already promised to conduct an internal investigation.

“I hope he remembers that his family were Cuban refugees as well and they were treated a lot better than those people were treated by those border agents,” Hostin shot back.

Navarro went on to cheer Biden for addressing things like authoritarianism and climate change but said that she wished he had called on other countries to help with the refugee crisis.

“I agree with the things he did speak to climate change and everything, but it felt like he missed something by not referencing the border,” co-host Sara Haines added, noting that even though the U.N. was an international body, Biden could have mentioned it. “All day long, all we’ve been watching for days is this coverage of how tragic this is.”