Gigantic Alligator In Florida Gets Photographed Eating Another Gator


David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An alligator has gone viral for chomping down on another one.

In an Instagram photo shared by @bobbywummerphotography, an absolutely gigantic alligator was spotted eating a smaller one. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

@bobbywummerphotography wrote the following in part about the gator:

This huge dinosaur has been eating good as you can see.

And this is not a photoshopped or manipulated photo. It is very real. I took this photo at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida. This gator is well known and his name is “Humpback”. Actually he is internationally known and locally respected. He is the biggest gator in the pond sort of speak. And that gives him the ability to do whatever he wants to.

When I say big, you honestly can’t even begin to imagine how large this thing is. Give it a look below.


This right here is why I’m not a big fan of messing around in nature. Imagine coming across that beast in the wild.

Imagine walking around a lake or swamp and seeing that thing coming for you. What would you even do? If you don’t have a gun, you’re probably screwed.

I don’t even live in an area with gators, but I know how incredibly dangerous they can be. Sure, you might love all the videos on the golf courses, but we’ll see how much you love gators when they’re up in your grill!

Something tells me you won’t be so pleased with them then!

Remember, folks. We’re in a war against the animals and we must do anything to win. If that means we have to get locked, cocked and ready to rock, so be it. I’m not getting eaten by a gator and it’s that simple.

H/T: BroBible