Glenn Greenwald Gives Shoutout To Russell Brand For Highlighting His Reporting On Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer, Media Bias

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Glenn Greenwald gave a shoutout to Russell Brand after the actor highlighted his reporting on Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, and media bias.

The journalist and co-founder of The Intercept, tweeted Monday about the number of people who’ve seen his report, thanks to the 46-year-old actor. (RELATED: ‘If They Can Do It To Me, They Can Do It To You’: Trump Publishes Op-Ed Doubling Down On His Criticism Of Big Tech)

“This, though, is what gives me hope,” Greenwald wrote.”@rustyrockets (Brand) took my Substack reporting on the indictment of Hillary’s lawyer and what it shows about the lies of corporate outlets. He produced a short YouTube video report.” (RELATED: Glenn Greenwald Blasts Brian Stelter Over CNN’s Low Ratings)

“In 3 days, it has almost 2 million views,” he added. “Just that segment alone — after 3 days, with no corporate backing — is almost [four] times larger than Don Lemon’s audience. It’s twice as large as Chris Hayes or Joy Reid’s Comcast shows. And I’ll bet the number of people under 55 watching is more than 10 times what those shows get.”

“This is why employees of media corporations with the job title ‘journalist’ so desperately agitate for more online censorship,” Greenwald continued. “They know they’ll have no audience unless it’s a captive one, and they know they will be exposed if dissent from their lies and propaganda can be heard.”

Brand recently shared the “Intercept” founder’s report with his 2.6 million followers on social media and the clip has 1.8 million views on his YouTube at the time of this publication. The report is under the headline, “So…Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!”


In the report, the “Arthur” star notes that he’s not a conservative and would be described as on the “left” of the political aisle, certainly not a Trump supporter. He admitted that he’s found himself “gob smacked” by the “revelations that Russiagate was a democratic conspiracy.”

The video then references Greenwald’s report about how Sussman has been indicted with “one felony count of lying to the FBI about a fraudulent Russiagate story he helped propagate.”

Brand says he wants to believe the Democratic party is “reliable,” but what he’s started to be concerned about is “that these are totemic issues pushed to the forefront to mask ordinary corruption.”