‘It May Not End Well’: Sara Haines Says Harassing Senators In Bathrooms Could Backfire Because Someone Might Shoot You


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” cohost Sara Haines warned Tuesday that harassing senators in bathrooms might not always end well.

Haines joined her cohosts to discuss the tactics employed by protesters attempting to pressure Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia into voting for the $3.5 reconciliation package in addition to the bipartisan infrastructure package that both already voted to pass. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Unloads On Sara Haines: ‘Give The Guy A Break While Kids Are Being Held In Jail-Like Facilities?’)


Joy Behar began the discussion by claiming that Sinema had avoided taking questions on her position. “She doesn’t – she’s, you know, she’s, like, a missing person. This is the only alternative they have is, you know,” Behar said.

“Why are we demonizing moderates?” guest host Alyssa Farah asked, noting that both Manchin and Sinema — in addition to a number of Republicans — had already signed on to the infrastructure deal and only objected to the price tag of the reconciliation package.

Sunny Hostin claimed that both Manchin and Sinema had agreed to vote for both bills, backing out only after they had passed the bill they wanted to pass.

“Let’s look at what the Squad wants, right? Expanded medicare. We need that. Paid family and medical leave. We need that. I certainly need it,” Behar continued. “Extended child tax credit to get people out of poverty. Universal pre-k. Why not give all children a leg up, not just kids with money? Tuition-free community college. The country is getting dumber. Send them to college.”

“Doesn’t it come down to the cost of it?” Haines asked then, noting that a lot of Democrats supported the spirit of the reconciliation bill. “It’s the price of the actual – I’m not defending Sinema or Manchin, but I think they’re arguing over the price. Sinema to me, I don’t know what she stands for though.”

“No one does. No one does,” Behar shot back.

Haines went on to say that the protesters who had followed Sinema into a women’s restroom had taken things a bit too far, however, and suggested that eventually, someone might get themselves shot.

“I would arguably say I don’t think the way this was handled, following someone into a bathroom, is ever a good idea,” she said. “In this day and age where we live in a very big gun country, this is something we’re talking about over 300 million guns across this country. When you confront people, it may not end well. It’s not going to effectuate change.”

Behar pointed out that she had confronted former Republican House Speaker John Boehner in the Hamptons once, but she had not followed him into a bathroom to make her point.