EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Haitian Illegals Find New Crossing In Yuma, Arizona

(Daily Caller/Jorge Ventura)

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Exclusive footage from the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura shows Haitian migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally through a new route in Yuma, Arizona.

Haitians on the Mexican side can be seen getting out of cars and crossing through an area known as “The Gap” where there is an opening in the border wall between Arizona and Mexico. The Yuma sector has seen a 2,000% increase in illegal crossings compared to the same time last year.

Agents also told the Daily Caller they are averaging 900 illegal crossings a day at the “The Gap” in Yuma. Federal authorities have reopened temporary tent shelters in Yuma as the sector continues to see a large increase in migrants.

Daily Caller reporters also witnessed Cuban migrants on this route paying a smuggler in cash before crossing illegally into Yuma.


Approximately 15,000 Haitian migrants reached Del Rio, Texas, in late September, many of whom had to live under the international bridge. Thousands of migrants have been processed and released into the United States, and more are headed to the southern border. The State of Texas is preparing for 60,000 Haitian migrants to reach the southern border later this month.