Watch This INSANITY From Australia’s COVID Camps


Kay Smythe Contributor
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The scenes from Australia evoke a sense of dystopian apocalypse. Whether it’s people running for their lives as cops shoot at them for protesting, or the sheer number of people being handcuffed for the crime of drinking a coffee in public, it would appear that Australia is returning to its founding purpose: a British prison colony.

These are the scenes from the COVID-19 camps, erected by Australian officials to house those they feel should be quarantined.

Recent posts online have found that police officers are now intimidating citizens in their homes. The crimes? Posting to social media.

Admittedly, Australia does not have a specific clause in their constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. Still, this massive overstep by those in power sheds light on just how quickly a government regime can turn against its citizens.

Average citizens have been forced into mandatory quarantines in their homes and forbidden from stepping foot outside their front doors after curfew. People have been harassed by the police for taking their bins (trash cans) out after said curfews. These curfews have little impact on COVID-19, as the disease is still transmittable after dark.

There is little to no logic behind the behaviors and decisions made on the part of Australian leadership. What the long-term goals of these severely authoritarian practices may be remains unknown. What can be argued is that these rules do not reflect any type of humanitarian respect or critical thinking. Could it be that Australia is legitimately devolving back to the island prison colony that it was originally designed to be?

With Canada coming in fast to join this tyranny, we can all thank goodness that our First and Second Amendment rights are still intact… for now.

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