‘Our Greatest National Strength’: Schiff Is Still ‘Concerned’ About Diversity Recruitment In The Intelligence Community

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Jack Kerley Contributor
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California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff chaired a hearing Wednesday to discuss “diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility” in the intelligence community (IC).

“Fifteen days after taking office, President Biden issued a national security memorandum that acknowledged past short comings and identified diversity, equity and inclusion and accessibility as a national security imperative,” said Schiff in an opening statement.

“Put simply, our diversity is our nations greatest strength,” said Schiff. “And it is a strength we need to leverage in support of the mission of the IC”

“For Instance, I can’t help but notice that the majority of IC briefers, though uniformly excellent, who appear before the committee are often white and male,” Schiff noted.

Schiff also said he’s concerned about the progress the IC has made with recruiting members with diverse backgrounds.

California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes pushed back against Schiff’s assertions in his opening statement.

“In short, the intelligence communities mission is the secure information and conduct actions that help deter our enemies,” said Nunes. “the IC seems to be increasingly focused on issues that distract from that mission.”

The Pentagon recently confirmed that nearly 450 Americans were abandoned in Afghanistan following troop withdrawals. (RELATED: Pompeo Throws Shade At CIA, Says National Security Shouldn’t Be Risked To ‘Appease Some Liberal, Woke Agenda’)

“The indications ranging from trivial recruitment videos to major intelligence estimates show an infatuation with left wing dogma and politicized actions that have nothing to do with deterring our enemies and winning wars,” Nunes said.

“The international threat matrix does not take time out as our national security agencies become enthralled by Critical Race Theory and pronoun etiquette,” said Nunes.

Nunes said that better pronoun usage won’t help rescue stranded Americans in Afghanistan or help stop a “hypersonic missile launch.”

“I’d argue that woke obsessions are the proper jurisdiction of faculty lounge Marxists, not our national security agencies,” Nunes said.