Washington State Athletic Director Pat Chun Accused Of Threatening Businessman Over Video Of Alleged Maskless Party

Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington State athletic director Pat Chun has been accused of threatening a local Pullman businessman.

According to WhitmanCountyWatch.com, city council member and Sorensen’s Pioneer Insurance owner Al Sorensen has accused Chun of becoming verbally aggressive with him because of a video allegedly showing a maskless party. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Sorensen’s daughter posted a video of the outside of Chun’s house during party that involved maskless attendees, and that’s allegedly what caused the issue.

When Chun and his wife arrived at Sorensen’s business, he allegedly said, “You are a f**ker. Do you know how many people f**king hate you? … I’m going to try to destroy you.” Following the alleged verbal exchange, his daughter took the video down.

“I felt very threatened and verbally abused by all of this. I believe that if I had stood up from my desk it would have gotten physical. … I was extremely well restrained,” Sorenson told police, according to the same report.

You can read the entire police report of the alleged incident here. Chun did not provide the site a statement on his alleged actions. At this time, no charges are being pursued.

It’ worth noting that Chun recently pulled the trigger on firing former WSU football coach Nick Rolovich for not complying with the state’s vaccine mandate for government employees.

Reading in between the lines a bit, it sounds Chun allegedly didn’t like the idea of him being involved with a maskless party being public knowledge.

To be clear, I don’t care at all if people party maskless. I think we crossed that line a very long time ago. What I do care about is high-ranking school officials allegedly threatening to ruin businesses over videos. If the allegations are true, Chun has a lot to answer for, especially given the Rolovich firing element. It’s a really bad look.

We’ll see if Chun chooses to publicly address this situation or if he stays silent hoping it just goes away.