The Judge’s Tie In The Rittenhouse Case Is PURE America

(Photo: PBS/Screenshot/Public-User: Live Stream)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The judge overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosha shooting trial showed up to court Thursday in a tie that really can’t be seen as anything other than pure American.

Judge Bruce Schroeder walked into the Kenosha county courthouse on Veterans Day for another day in the Rittenhouse trial. The justice took the bench wearing a light blue button-up shirt with a navy blue tie covered in red and white and blue American flags. The patriotic number was seen on the PBS Live Stream here. (RELATED: Rittenhouse Cries Uncontrollably While Testifying, Trial Pauses)

A close-up shot of the American flag tie can be seen below. (RELATED: REPORT: FBI Lost HD Rittenhouse Video, Never Told The Defense It Existed)

Judge Bruce Schroeder (Photo: PBS/Screenshot/Public-User: Live Stream)

Judge Bruce Schroeder (Photo: PBS/Screenshot/Public-User: Live Stream)

The judge also made headlines the day before again for his apparent support of the good ole’ stars and stripes. During part of the trial Wednesday, someone’s cellphone went off.

There was a brief pause in the hearing after the person’s ringtone rang through the courtroom playing “God Bless the USA.”


The camera then panned to the justice who appeared to be checking his phone and then swiped down on the screen, a move that could possibly have shown he was putting his phone in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.