Winsome Sears Slams Biden’s Leadership, Says ‘He Took No Responsibility’ For Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

(Screenshot/Fox News)

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Republican Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears tore into President Joe Biden Thursday over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, accusing him of abandoning the “people who have put their lives on the line.”

Sears, a Marine veteran, appeared Thursday on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” where she was asked to weigh in on Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Dennis McDonough’s statement about an uptick “in the number of calls, texts, chats into … the Veteran Crisis Line” after the August withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.


“My husband and I, we’re both Marines. And when we saw the pullout from Afghanistan, no rhyme, no reason,” Sears said. “You just say to yourselves, ‘Who’s in charge? Where’s our commander-in-chief?'”

The Marine veteran then went on to blast Biden for taking no responsibility for what happened in the aftermath of the pull-out.

“You’re giving your all to the country, and you expect that it won’t be taken lightly. Your life, your sacrifice, the sacrifice that your family back home is making,” Sears said. (RELATED Lindsey Graham Blames Biden For Afghanistan Being ‘Hell On Earth,’ Tells Veterans ‘It Wasn’t Your Fault’)

She then added that the observed uptick in veterans’ calls to the crisis hotline was likely due to them questioning the reasons why they fought the war in Afghanistan.

“They’re using our equipment against us. They’re using our technology against us. They’re walking in our boots, in our uniforms,” Sears lamented.