‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Premiere Draws A Staggering 14.7 Million Viewers

John Dutton, Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The “Yellowstone” season four premiere got absolutely bonkers TV ratings.

The season four premiere aired this past Sunday, and fans got to soak up two episodes as we returned to the ranch with the Duttons at war. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone‘ Returns With An Incredible Season 4 Premiere)

According to Variety, 14.7 million people watched the first two episodes of season four on the Paramount Network in the L3 ratings. That’s a 58% boost over the season three premiere.

To make the situation even more impressive, the 14.7 million viewers doesn’t include a single person streaming.

So, there’s a very real chance the season four premiere could have been watched by more than 20 million people once you include streaming.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at all that the ratings are gigantic. “Yellowstone” has captivated America and it’s not letting go of people’s interest at all.

We’re hooked, we’re riding with the Duttons and we’re ready for war.


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The hit show with Kevin Costner also taps into a part of the country that Hollywood loves to ignore. It focuses on family, loyalty and protecting what is yours.

While most of Hollywood is failing as it goes woke, “Yellowstone” is blowing up as it focuses on more traditional values.

You just love to see it!

If you haven’t already seen the season four premiere, I suggest you do ASAP! It’s outstanding.